Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Lets get started for today's review. done this not so awesome kit but still i got a love hate feeling when making this kit. for the first time in making gunpla, i accidently cut my finger tips. not a so great experience.hahaha..let leave it..for this review and my future review, im gonna use a simple template that will provide you the manufacturer and the other essential info about the kit :


Manufacturer: Gao Gao
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: Gundam 0079

Now, lets talk about the history of this kit
Taken from Gundam.Wikia.com
"A modified version of the UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom used by Leons Graves. All the modification and new parts utilized are designed by Leons himself and the change in name signifies that the MS is now optimized for combat. The most significant difference is the modification to the head unit, which now contains enhanced sensor unit that allows Leons to fully utilize his sniping skills. There are also other modifications made to the internal components but these did not result in any changes to the outer appearances. One such modification is the adding of a power receiver function to the backpack mounted electromagnetic propulsion system, allowing the MS to operate longer. Like the Civilian Astray DSSD Custom used by Leons, the Arms Astray PMC Custom is armed with a laser torch, beam pistol and shield."

Manufacturer : TT HONGLI
Scale : 1/144
Grade : HG
Origin : Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays - Side Story
Type   : Snap Fit














Consider really hard before you decide to buy this kit. For some reason, this kit made me love it and hate it at the same time
Love it
1.you can swap the head between the USSD Custom or Leon's Custom
2.hand Gun and read beamsaber
Hate it
1. kit comes in pink and whitegrey part.
2. Snap fit means no polycap. joint will lose easily due to no polycaps.
3. limited movement.
4. sticker quality very bad 

last but not least,buy this kit if you want to complete your Seed/Astray collection. one of the kit that comes with pink scheme. Not for beginner. buy the original if you can afford it.



Saturday, May 9, 2015


now lets back to gunpla review.
today gunpla will we the SD BB IMPULSE Gundam.
take note that this gunpla that i build was not produce by Bandai, Daban or Gaogao.
instead it came from Thailand..

Box Art

Runner and sticker

Extra Stand for this unit 

Head Piece




Without its backpack


Fully equipped with backpack, shield and rifle.

bout this Gunpla..
for whoever wanna start making a gunpla, i will not recommend this kit from this maker due to the quality of the material.
some of the piece wont fit and you need to make some adjustment in order to fit it. 
the joint will be easily loose if you move it a couple off time
compare to the freedom and justice kit that i build months ago, this unit really made me disappointed.
even though they came from the same maker, this impulse unit really been left out by those two.
No mobility on the head part,u cannot twist it to the left or right.

But this unit also have a few things that made me build it.
1. The gold backpack and the gold hand
when i saw this kit, i quickly attracted to the gold scheme of the backpack.
even though, the original colour of it is black, the gold really shine out this kit.

2. i cant think another else than my 1st point..hahahah

as i said it above, i wont recommend this unit to a beginner in building a this kit. there are better substitute out there than this one. the reason that you might wanna buy or build this 
1. collection purpose
2. challenge
3. price (if you really wanna buy kit from this maker,buy the strike or the freedom kit,it will be easier to build.)

I think thats all.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sun setting

Photo taken at Oceanus Waterfall Mall at Kota Kinabalu

Photo Taken at junction near Damai-Lintas-Penampang

Thursday, April 16, 2015


what is purpose?
according to Wikipedia "PurposeIntention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.

so,you basically know what is purpose right now..
for blogging?what are my purpose in blogging?
some people blogging just to write something out from their mind to express what they thinking,feeling and doing..some people blog to share news,info,legend,myths, and some even bout party.
other than that, people blog just to express their anger towards something(i read it years ago about a blog written by 19 yrs old teen that very very angry bout her parents divorce)

For me,i have the same purpose to every blogger out there which is i want to write about me and others things that revolving around me. but don't worry,i wont post any hatred or angry things..let just leave it to the other blogger. Sometimes, its good to write your anger and hatred, but remember not to give every exact detail, cuz you might not know when someone read it and use it against you.

In the end, people will blog and talk bout everything that happen in this world and thats the purpose of blogging.

By Me


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a little silence since Palm Sunday

Did not expect for me to be so silent since Palm Sunday
Been busy with work and real life..
its okay..after this,back to normal...

Update Update...
let see..
nothing much happen now..
started playing Final Fantasy again,,
this time im playing Final Fantasy iv for the Nintendo DS(im gonna talk about FFIV and  my NDS in my later post)
Really enjoy my time playing it..

Hectic month...that's one of the main reason why I've been silent since Palm Sunday..

Love Life?
Love it day by day..continue found new thing with my girlfriend day by day..the mystery uncover one by one..never ending..which i love the most. 
She's outside of town right now since Monday for her work...

Lets see.....
yupp...that's all..

By Me

a hectic worker

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday Everyone..
Hope all off you had a happy Palm Sunday with your family and love ones..
Be happy..be very very happy.
Lots of love from me and my family to all of you..

Photo courtesy from my sister from the Philippines 

By Me
a Roman Catholic

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gundam Breaker 2

Today post, im gonna make a review about one of the most recent game that i played..
which is
Gundammmuuuuu buurrreekkkaaa tuuuu...
i mean
Gundam Breaker 2

Look at the trailer below...
PS: All credit goes to the real owner as i did not owned this video.

If you ever played Gundam Musou @ Dynasty Warrior Gundam, then this game does resemble a lil bit. In Gundam Musou, you will relive the story of the famous Gundam scene in the respective series,. But in this game, you will follow the original story created just for this game.

The story follow the player(which is you) who get suck into the Alternate Reality (AR) by this one hot girl who asked you to play Gunpla to save the reality. Along the way, you will be assisted by in game character (NPC) that will help you clearing the stage. 

The gameplay is not much different that any of the Gundam Musou game, but more fast pace than those game. You can mash up between melee and shooting in doing your combo as long as you can pull it off. Special power (SP) can be triggered by holding L1 button and pressing the triangle,Square of circle button. Ultimate skill can be trigger by pressing R3 and L3 at the same time, but you need to fill in the ultimate skill bar first in order to use it. The mission divided into 8 different place (if im not mistaken) the first mission will be in space and then moon. each place contain 5-6 stage to be complete in order to unlock the next mission. Like the previous Gundam Breaker, you need to farm alot in order to create or improve your gunpla. But dont worry, the farming its not to hard compare to Monster Hunter series (God, i hate farming in that game). 

If you are an avid gundam or gunpla fans, that this game is for you. this game really fun and you can spend hundred of hours just to farm and create your own custom gunpla or just stick to the default gunpla kit that you can buy from the ingame shop. last but not least, this game only came out in japanese language only. No english translation has been made or localized for this game, same as most of the gundam game out there (exception to Gundam Musou series). But dont worry, the game still can be played even of you had zero understanding of japanese language. there's a guide exist in Gamefaqs.com if you need one.

i think thats all..happy playing everyone.

By Me