Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Brave Frontier

Hi All. For today, we will get on track on what I suppose to post in this blog, which is Games and Gunpla..and a lil bit of photography (duh!). and for today, lets talk about Brave frontier.

Title : Brave Frontier
Release date: July 3rd 2013 (Japan), December 13th 2013 (Worldwide)
Platform : iOS,Android,Kindle,Windows (Phone,8,10)
Type : Mobile Role Playing Game

Brave Frontier, a game which created and release by Alim in Japan, and been release by Gumi for Global server. This game went way way back from 2013. Created solely for iOS, but also been release for Android and Kindle, and recently for windows platform. When starting this game, the game will require you to enter you ingame name (IGN) and choose from 4 starter heroes consist of Vargas(fire), Selena (Water), Lance (Earth) and Eze (Thunder). After choosing your IGN and heroes, the game will proceed to teach you about the game mechanic and system. For the story plot, let me cite from the Wiki page

The game is mainly set in the fictional land of Grand Gaia, a world ravaged by a war between humans and the Gods that took place many years ago. It is a land surrounded by a veil of mystery but engulfed in havoc as certain places have been conquered by four fallen gods, who have betrayed their fellow gods. The Imperial army and the Akras summoners hall are doing their best to handle the chaos the fallen gods and their demonic legions are causing, but have not been able to push them back. But, amidst the chaos, a god by the name of Lucius summons a hero to be his champion and liberate Grand Gaia from The Four Fallen Gods.

For the gameplay, if you ever play any RPG game before, its pretty much the same. In which, you need to clear specific dungeon in order to unlock new dungeon. Your level will level up base on the experience you get when clearing up a dungeon. In game currency use Zel and Karma, which you can get after clearing a quest (dungeon). Through your journey, you will acquire a gem to use for Summoning unit for your party. You will get the gem from clearing up the dungeon (first time only), daily login, special vortex dungeon, arena and Monthly Frontier hunter(11 gem per season).
Up until today, there are more than million player plays this game due to the game mechanic that is more Free to Play friendly. It means that, you can spend little to nothing in order to level up and deal with the harder dungeon and challenge.This game will take most of your time if you get hook (like me when I first started this game).

If you have free time or looking for a new mobile game, I’d recommend you guys to install and play this, and im guarantee that you will never get bore of it.
That’s all Guys.



Saturday, September 17, 2016


Hi everyone..
Its been buzy day for me in this past few day..why im busy? Its because of my engagement day on last friday..its been fun and the most happiest day in my life!!!

I cannot express how much im happy that day..getting engage with my Fiancéé..shes my best friend,my best enemy,partner in time and my greatest lover..I love her very very much!!

Im gonna end this post with a picture of us in our engagement day.

By Me

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Late night or early morning

Hi..hello again everyone.. how are you today? do you had a nice today or just plain bad day? whatever it is,good or bad, just remember it just a day..what the matter the most is that you can go home to your family and sleep in your own bed. Be thankfull.

Anyway, i suppose to write this entry few hours ago, but i got busy with my Engagement arrangement. Engagement? yes. you read it right, im goin to be in an engagement soon. with who? with my Girlfriend of course. We have been for about 9 years. lets talk about it later.

Its getting late now, its about 2337hrs at my hometown right now. and i need my sleep cuz come tomorrow, its gonna be a busy day for me again. I hope all of you who read this will continue on your daily routine weather its late night or early in the morning. Do what you want to do. Do it. Dont hesitate. Be brave. Good night everyone.

By Me

Image Taken by
Device - Asus Z00AD
White Balance - Auto
Aperture - f/2.0
Exposure time - 1/1000
iso - 60
location - Kota Kinabalu / 1832hrs / 3rd June 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya Haji @ Eid al-Adha

Happy Eid al-adha to all my fellow Muslim friend and family. Hopefully all that people who celebrate this festival all around the world will be having a good time. Lets think about peace and prosperity in our future and life..

This is the first time I blogging using a mobile phone..and frankly,its not that long as you know how to switch to desktop view from a mobile view..

 Again,Happy Eid Al-Adha to all of you.

By Me


Thursday, September 8, 2016



last entry was on 2015. Time sure fly fast. 
Anyway, lets try to list what i will try to post this year..
1. Games
2. Gunpla
3. Photo
4. Anonymous post.

if i got the time of course, because since last May i've been busy with my working life and personal life. thats why i did not post anything since June last year. anyway, lets try to keep up with everything..

I think thats all for today and i hope all of you will have a great weekend..

Image taken by
Device - Asus Z00AD
White Balance - Auto
Aperture - f/2.0
Exposure - 1/5000
iso - 50

By Me


Friday, June 19, 2015

Internet Restored

Like the title of the post,
our internet at the office back to normal after 2 weeks without any proper internet connection.
hopefully no more internet problem after this..
gonna continue my postponed entry after this.

I'll be back.


Friday, May 29, 2015

new Gunpla

finally i owned a 1/144 strike noir and strike freedom gundam.
really excited in making this gunpla..
gonna make a review bout it next entre..

By Me