Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SDBB Sengoku Astray review

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Manual Book

Head Piece and Helmet
 theres some problem when i try to insert the head peace to the helmet, it a bit keep falling off whenever i hang it upside down.


The grey part is the mechanical hand of Sengoku Astray..
you can use the mechanical arm to wield the weapon.


done assembling all the parts.

testing the leg and torso

Thats the maximum stretching that you can do with this gunpla.
i try to stretch it more, but the hand piece fall off.. 


Installed the shield on the back of the gunpla..quite badass i think.

i really love this pose..with the mechanical hand holding the sword like it and the gunpla just stand there..just wow..really majestic..

Plavsky Slash

Shield on.

Sengoku Astray 
This kit have a very nice and detailed look, one of the thing that made me surpise is the joint of this gunpla, red instead of the normal grey-black that always come with the kit that u owned.This kit can be switch with any other SD gunpla that u own (mine try burning gundam). u can mash it up to make it your custom gunpla. you do need to do paint with gundam marker or uni paint to paint the eye of the shield to make it more detailed. but if you lazy like me, just let it like that (maybe gonna paint it in the future.
if you own or want to purchase this gunpla, i highly recommend it.Because its not to hard to be build and assembled.

Pros :
Majestic looking gunpla
Mechaninal hand (thats really awesome)
Cheap (below rm30)

Head piece loose (cant fit perfectly into the helmet piece)
hard to pose due to the limited movement of the arm (but u can use the mechanical hand)
need alot of panel lining and painting to make it shine more
helmet looks like a roster head (joking)

I think that's all. leave any comment if you want.

By Me 

Ggunpla Builder

Fear me cuz im the headless Swordman? i mean headless Sword Machine..
hurm,kinda awkward name..but hey..
Fear me cuz im one of the four apocalypse horseman..

SDBB Build Burning Gundam

1st gundam review.. will try my best reviewing this we go



Head piece

Body, shoulder and arm

Leg Piece (dont bother bout the Q-tips..was testing my ability to do panel lining,but fail)

Whole piece before assembling


yup..i think thats all..ow yeah..forgot my review

so far, this is my 5th SDBB gunpla..this gunpla sure have a good articulation and simple colour combination which is Red,White,and yellow..
sticker?not so much..u do got 2 kind of sticker color which is blue and orange for the shoulder, elbow and knee part.

you do need to do basic panel lining and painting in order to make this gunpla shine more.
but if u want to straight build like what i do, then go for it.
cuz it still have a badass look.

thats all, thank you

By me


Brainded Brain

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Gunpla to be assemble :HGBF 1/144 Sengoku Astray Gundam, SDBB Sengoku Astray Gundam

New Gunpla..
gonna take my sweet time building this of my favourite Gundam..
lemme give u a bit history lesson bout this gunpla..
Sengoku Astray gundam appear as one of the unit@character in Gundam Build fighter, the builder and fighter for this gunpla is Nils Nielsen, AKA Early Genius..
this gunpla primary weapon is its 2 Katana that can create plavsky slash..
i think thats enough..if you wanna know more, head to youtube and look for gundaminfo..that page have the full episode of Gundam build fighter.

Gundam Build Fight!!

Gunpla Builder

Branded Brain

little thing that we miss well done i must say?
no!!its not..
should have plan one step ahead in doing my work
lose that one step ahead technique that i acquired long ago
im better that this..more better..
its okay...
learn it from the mistake..
take it like a man..
face it like a soldier...
suit up


Branded Brain

blogging again

Wow..its been a long time since i write in here..last entry was on 2012...thats really loooonnnnn...
its okay...time to make this page alive again..
from here now on...lets make this alive...
1st thing 1st...
lets make our plan on what i will right in here..
2.things happen around me..
3. gunpla (yeah!!been fan of these for years now)
4. tv show..(yeah,maybe gonna give my 2 cents)
5. camera & photography (i got a new camera,but dont worry..i wont pretend like some of those people who claim to be a photographer when they just own, dslr)
6. etc etc
i think thats all for now..

Branded Brain

Friday, November 2, 2012


Once again...
not much to say..

update of my life?
well..almost 1 year since i graduated from UMS..
Now working as Tour Coordinator Supervisor at my hometown..
salary not big but its enaugh for the time being...

love life?
Yup..still with her...
who's her?
u can find it out by yourself..

here's a little something for all you..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sarawak trip

20.10 2010
my first eva sarawak trip...
lots of fun...
happy memory...
goin to Sarawak again...
wif MEG this time....
hope she's happy travelling wif me...